User Testimonials


Traci has been food journaling for a dozen years and is delighted to have found a simpler way with MealLogger. A former Weight Watcher, she finds that "snapping a pic and texting a short note makes things a lot easier." Over the years, the habit of food journaling has helped her to lose 60 pounds. She started using MealLogger last November, and found she was able to maintain her weight through the winter — when she typically gains 15-20 pounds — without much fuss.

Traci is discovering how to practice a holistic, mind-body-spirit approach to healthy living. She leads a group on the app called "Savor," which now has 22 members dedicated to mindful eating and living. "To me Savor is about slowing down and appreciating the food I am blessed with, along with recognizing and appreciating all of the people, animals and events involved with bringing food from the farm to our table...

I try to literally savor my food — visually and through smell, taste and texture — to appreciate the unique flavors in each bite... For me, Savor is also about enjoying the company of family or friends and focusing on that, not being distracted by TV, tablets or cell phones." Amen to that!

Some of Traci's select meals

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