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Tracking what you eat in a food journal is a great way to eat healthier. But it’s tedious and no fun :(

MealLogger makes keeping a food journal as easy as snapping a photo!

And you don’t have to go at it alone. Connect with friends to help you stay on track and have fun at the same time!

So what are you waiting for?

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A Great Personal Experience

MealLogger is a great tool to keep a personal Food Journal. Build personal awareness and accountability. Manage privacy through simple, transparent controls. Record updates, meals, activity, share links and goals.

A Great Social Experience

Find and join groups for added accountability, motivation, feedback, and fun. Or create your own public or private communities, for any interest, and invite people to join.

Quickly find the right communities to join from among thousands for a variety of interests.

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A Great Premium Experience

Get 1-on-1 professional help seamlessly and discreetly.

Get Group Counseling from professionals to benefit from professional help and peer support.

Get motivated and have fun through friendly nutrition and activity competitions.

Did we mention its free?