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Are you a nutritionist, dietitian, personal trainer, or healthcare professional?
Try MealLogger Pro and connect with your clients, even when you're on the go!

Start offering virtual coaching to your clients today!

Follow and coach your clients using MealLogger Pro: online tools that connect you to anyone with a Meallogger app.

The MealLogger photo food journal helps your clients eat more mindfully, and using MealLogger Pro's client management technology, your clients receive your guidance directly via mobile app or online.

Whether you work in private practice, corporate wellness, fitness or in larger healthcare settings, MealLogger Pro has the capacity to work with groups ranging from individuals to enterprises.

View of MealLogger web app

See what your clients eat, give them feedback and hold them accountable!

How It Works

Journaling feature of MealLogger web app
Journaling feature of MealLogger web app in more detail
Meal Detail view seen as MealLogger Pro

Try the MealLogger pro advantage

  • The easiest way to see what your clients eat, give them feedback and hold them accountable!
  • Keep your clients motivated and connected off-site or out of session.
  • Create new service offerings that make it easy for you and your clients to connect and stay connected
  • Monitor your clients’ progress and engagement levels to see your most active connections and get early insight who needs an extra push before they slip away
  • Use star-ratings, private messages, group conversation and meal-specific reviews to deliver advice effectively and efficiently
  • You get powerful client management tools; your clients get an easy, friendly food journal that feels like a familiar social media app

Grow your business!

Increase client interest and retention by connecting more frequently with your clients.

Receive word of mouth referrals as friends notice your clients photographing meals and take interest in what they are eating.

Fill in gaps and “dead time” via efficient, remote nutrition counseling. Deliver online coaching that fits both your and your clients' lifestyles.

Professional Plans and Features

MealLogger MealLogger Pro
Patients and other individuals Individual nutritionists, registered dietitians, doctors, nurses, trainers Research universities and organizations Small and medium clinics and health businessess, fitness clubs Large healthcare organizations, insurers, municipalities
Product Feature
MealLogger App check check check check check
Professional Web Portal check check check check
Nutrition Program Creation check check check check
Multiple Professional Accounts check check check
Customizable Report Extraction check check check
Enhanced Management Console check check
MealLogger API Integration check
White Labeling check
AI meal image nutrition analysis check
Device integration check
Single Sign-On check
In-Stream Mobile Promotions check
Behaviorally Targeted Messaging check
Embeddable HTML5 App check

If you want to know more about MealLogger's Professional Accounts for Enterprises, Healthcare or Nutrition Professionals, please don't hesitate to contact us.