Professional Testimonials


Certified Personal Trainer
Coach at CPMFITness

We take an all inclusive approach to health at CPMFITness by focusing on nutrition in addition to exercise. Twice a year we like to run month-long challenges where we incentivize our members to educate themselves about nutrition and make changes to their eating habits. Participants of the challenge use MealLogger to document everything they eat for the duration of the challenge. CPM coaches monitor everyone's meals and offer feedback and encouragement.

MealLogger's social nature makes it a great way for everyone to see what other people in the challenge are cooking and eating. Our members get great ideas from each other, can comment and encourage one another, and interact in a way that wouldn't be possible otherwise. CPM coaches can monitor everyone's meals and make sure participants are compliant with the challenge guidelines. Our members commented that having MealLogger for the challenges is a huge benefit.

CPM's criterion for a service such as MealLogger was that it be easy to use (both from our coaches side and our members side), collect pictures, be social, and have robust reporting features. MealLogger met all of these criteria easily and is an excellent service to use. We plan on using them for future nutrition challenges.

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