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In her profile, Rhiannon says, "I play with my diet a lot. But I’m always vegetarian." And she's always on top of her food journaling, too. Since she started using MealLogger, she told us, "I have not missed adding one single meal to it." When she started to keep a food journal (on paper) back in 2011, she weighed 150 pounds. After gradually adopting a vegetarian diet, she dropped over 40 pounds and has now settled in around 120.

While MealLogger helps Rhiannon stay at her preferred weight, for her the habit of photo food journaling is really about holding herself accountable and growing in self-awareness. She’s become a more conscious eater, and likes the freedom and sense of control that comes from having a better handle on how different foods and eating habits affect her health.

In November 2013 Rhiannon started MealLogger's "Plant Based and Organic" group, which now has 14 members and has logged over 1,300 total meals. Some group members are hard-core vegans, some aren’t. Everyone is dedicated to eating what comes from the ground and holding both themselves and each other accountable to that commitment.

Join Rhiannon in her vegetarian group, Plant Based and Organic !

Some of Rhiannon's select meals

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