Professional Testimonials


Sports Performance Nutritionist

I enjoy using MealLogger for a number of reasons. I work with professional football players and fighters. During the off-season they travel all over the country. MealLogger allows me to stay in touch with them regardless of their location and it gives me the opportunity to rate and review their meals distance.

Another great part of MealLogger is that I actually get to see what my clients are eating. All grilled chicken sandwiches, for example, are not created equal. I want to see that my clients are making the right choices - that they are making a sandwich instead of getting one from a fast-food restaurant.

Finally, my athletes tell me that this is easy to use and they stick with it, which is key. Anything is easy to do for a couple of weeks, but the goal is to stick with it for the long term. With MealLogger, they do that.

Glen Tobias, MS, RD, CSS
Sports Nutritionist

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