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Estee is "on a journey to becoming a healthier version of me." Last year, when a trainer recommended food journaling, she thought "there’s no way." But the idea of snapping photos instead of putting pen to paper was more palatable. Now she uses MealLogger eight or nine times a day. "It's become a habit," she says — one that has helped her drop over 40 pounds.

When Estee shares a meal with friends or co-workers, she finds the "snapshot moment" opens up a larger conversation around healthy living. "They'll ask me what I'm doing, and before long we’re into talking about what foods we like, what we stay away from — and why." Estee herself has moved away from processed foods and GMO products. "The app helps me keep track with what I'm eating, and it keeps me honest with myself."

A member of "An Apple a Day" — a large public group for general healthy living and weight loss — Estee often reaches out to others with encouraging comments. "I like to keep it positive. When someone posts an indulgence, I'll come back with 'treat day' instead of 'cheat meal.'" She's an uplifting presence, the kind of giver the app attracts. Others respond in kind.

Estee recently shared this status update: "7 months — 42.6 lbs. lost. No shortcuts. Just lots of fun and hard work :)" — That’s enough to make anyone smile.

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