Professional Testimonials



"MealLogger has completely changed the way I work. I use it with all my private clients, from pro athletes aiming to improve performance to health professionals looking to lose weight."

They all say the same thing: They love the consistent feedback and unmatched accountability. MealLogger affords me not only the opportunity to connect with clients and watch them improve meal by meal, it allows for progress regardless of location, during business travel and vacation alike.

I am able to review and discuss exact meals during telephone consultations with clients as well now, allowing us to accomplish much more within our available time frame.

Finally, I love the group features, which allow me to share my own meals with clients, lead by example, promote fun recipes, and eat productively at special events alike. This facilitates unmatched peer support, an indispensible key to lasting behavior change. I now exclusively work with clients via MealLogger."

Check out what David's client Jeff had to say about Meallogger.

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