Professional Testimonials


Sr. Athletic Performance Coach – University of Portland

MealLogger has been an unmatched resource when it comes to nutrition work with my Collegiate Student Athletes.

They respond to the coaching and are so much more engaged because they are able to see simply colors of their meals and the timing of each. This detail allows the information to “click” so much faster and we see positive changes straight away. MealLogger has revolutionized the way I tackle nutrition work day to day.

People come together over the dinner table, by creating a group we build a space for those traveling over the summer to share a meal, and stories from their day. This also creates a space for our international students to share part of their culture we might never have the opportunity to be exposed to. I participate as well, posting my meals and small notes about my day, MealLogger allows me to be vulnerable with my student athletes and gain their trust because they are given the opportunity to hold me accountable as well. The students love the ease of conversation back and forth regarding their meals, they are the generation of Social Media and it is by far the easiest way to communicate with them.

Training is not only what you do in the gym, we are all a 24-hour athlete. MealLogger is a platform that has allowed me to show my athletes that what they consume outside of the gym significantly impacts their success.

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