Professional Testimonials


Head Sports Nutritionist and CEO
Nufit, Melbourne Australia.

My name is Cam Wild and I run Australia’s fasting growing online training and Nutrition company, Nufit. I first stumbled across Meallogger over 8 months ago as I was having an extremely difficult time getting my clients to record their meals for me to assess. Meallogger seems like a pretty good idea; simply have the clients use their smartphone and take a photo of their meals. Simple and INCREDIBLY effective for not just my team but also our clients. I mean, imagine knowing exactly what your clients are eating 100% of the time. Now that’s true power!

Over the course of my time working closely with the Meallogger team, the service continues to expand and grow and the more I learn about the services Meallogger provides the more I realize its incredible potential. The user interface is simple and easy to use and navigate, the learning curve is quite low. The options of groups allow for team building and huge social interaction (like a facebook news feed of meals). Not only that but the option to rate and comment on each and every meal of each client has limitless potential and unmatched accountability!

I can quite confidently label myself as a “pocket nutritionist” knowing that I am in control of my clients’ food at all times! Meallogger has allowed me to scale my business to where it is today and will continue to use the service and shout it from the rooftops.

If you are in the game of health and fitness. YOU NEED MEALLOGGER!

Cameron Wild
Head of Sports Nutrition and CEO at Nufit

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