Professional Testimonials


Sports Dietitian/Nutritionist at Columbia University Athletics

MealLogger allows me as the Sports Dietitian to connect with the athletes on a regular, often daily, basis, much like other professionals on the athlete care team (i.e., coaches, strength & conditioning coaches, athletic trainers, etc). The opportunity to have an ongoing conversation with the athlete that is not limited to individual office visits is a noted advantage. MealLogger allows me to act like a coach in addition to a counselor.

With the photo journaling, I am able to gather detail about the athlete’s intake that may be missing from a written log. Often times athletes will neglect to provide information such as servings sizes, preparation method, location of the meal, as well as other details that are necessary to complete the picture of the eating pattern. The visual component enhances my ability to provide a thorough nutrition assessment.

The social aspect of the application, including the competition feature, increases the engagement of the athletes and adds an element of sport to the experience. With this comes a more enthusiastic approach to journaling on the part of the athletes and, consequently, an increased contribution of nutrition-related data available for analysis

Tommy Sheehan and Andrew James Pierce
Columbia University Athletics

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