Introduction to MealLogger Groups

So what are MealLogger Groups?

Studies have shown that keeping track of what you eat is good for you. Social networks are a perfect way to keep in touch, as well as share with and learn from others. MealLogger Groups are social communities focused on nutrition and wellness, encouraging healthy eating and living.

Have some weight loss buddies you'd like to share your experiences with? Create a MealLogger Group and invite your friends. Looking to find others sharing similar goals? Find an existing group to connect with on MealLogger.

Create your own community based on your lifestyle, and connect with your friends, family members, colleagues, peer-support groups, or anyone sharing a common interest. Join a group and make new friends as you eat and learn. Each group member shares their personal food diary with the group, creating peer conversation and a way to encourage and englighten others.

If you're not yet ready to share with a group, follow a PUBLIC group and watch the conversation see what MealLogger how peer support really works, or to research a specific diet you've always been curious about.

Take a look at our Group Suggestions page for some additional suggestions. For more information about your privacy and what you share with others, please visit our User Privacy and Social Connections pages.

MealLogger Groups: The Food Journal and Serving Tracker that talks back!