Create or Edit a Post

To access the Add Meal, Add Exercise, or Add Status page, tap the camera icon on the toolbar. You'll be prompted to choose from the following options:

  • Post a Meal - a meal entry can include a photo, category, date time, description, group visibility and optional serving tracking
  • Post your Status - Jot what's on your mind. Posts can include photos, text and links. Just paste a link into the description field
  • Post an Exercise - Log your exercise activity. Choose an exercise category and write a description. Exercises can include photos and links.
  • Re-post from your Favorites - Re-use your frequently consumed meals, exercises or status posts.

To access the Edit Meal, Edit Exercise, or Edit Status page, tap the ellipsis (...) on the top right corner of any of your own posts.

Add/Edit Meal

  • Choose a category
  • Enter a description to elaborate on what you ate (you can paste links to share in any description field)
  • The date and time default to the current date and time. Tap to edit the date/time if posting a meal not in the present
  • Your meal's image appears as a thumbnail at the top. To change the image, tap on the image or to add an image, tap on the "ML" heart icon.
  • If you're in a nutrition program, food serving info can be added to the meal
  • Select which groups to share your meal by tapping Who can see this
  • After you enter everything, tap |Save| to post the meal and save it to your account