Love Food. Live Healthy.

Healthy living and eating are personal. MealLogger makes it easy to track your meals, exercises, and much more. You can share as much of your activity as you want, or go for it on your own.
We’re social by design. On MealLogger you can connect with others in communities, and get inspired to reach your goals and live the life you want.

Healthy eating just got fun.

Snap A Pic — Done.

Photo journaling a meal or logging your exercise, weight, or sleep takes just a moment — and it’s more effective than pen-and-paper. Start seeing the relationship between what you eat, your activity, and how you feel. MealLogger helps you get wiser and stay on track.

Friends With Health Benefits

Find your healthy living community! A raft of research shows that peer support can help you make the changes you want. You can find or create a community around your interests, challenges, and goals.

Privacy Controls That Make Sense

Choose what you see and how you share! Simple, transparent privacy settings for your posts and groups give you control over what shows up in your stream. Don’t want to see desserts or meat? Join or create groups with those rules. We’ve hacked privacy for health, giving you control over your data and what you — and others — see.

For The Fun Of It!

Put an end to dieting! Have fun with others on the way to becoming a healthier version of you. MealLogger is home to hundreds of communities. Some focus on eating and living mindfully. Others are private, for families, sororities, CrossFit groups, or companies who want to get healthy together. Challenge, laughter, encouragement — that’s the fun you can experience on MealLogger.